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Mikkel Melters Pedersen



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A free, opensource fatigue software written in Matlab. It is meant for post-processing FE models exported from either Ansys or SolidWorks in particular for time-series loading.

It handles both nonlinear FE models and multiaxial stress states using the critical plane approach.







Fatigue compendium

Updated version of the compendium for my fatigue course.


Download updated version here.


Please cite as M.M. Pedersen: “Introduction to Metal Fatigue”, Technical Report ME-TR-11, Aarhus University, 3rd edition, 2024.


Original version here.


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Fatigue data collections used in my papers:

Pedersen, M. M.: “Thickness Effect in Fatigue of Welded Butt Joints: A Review of Experimental Works”, Int. J. Steel Structures. 19 (6), 2019.

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Pedersen, M. M.: “Multiaxial fatigue assessment of welded joints using the notch stress approach”, Int. J. Fatigue. 83 (2), 2016.

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Pedersen, M. M. et al.: “Experience with the Notch Stress Approach for Fatigue Assessment of Welded Joints”. Proc. Swedish Conference on Light Weight Optimized Welded Structures, Ed. Barsoum & Samuelsson, KTH, 2010.

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Pedersen, M. M. et al.: “Re-analysis of fatigue data for welded joints using the notch stress approach”, Int. J. Fatigue. 32 (10), 2010.

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