A number of example Fatlab examples are provided here. Each example contains the necessary input files for setting up a Fatlab run. The purpose of the examples is to serve as a starting point for new users to have something to build their own analyses on.

Plate with hole

The favorite academic example of all time: a 100×100 mm plate with a nice hole in the center.


2D notch

A simple example, just to show a model of 2D plane elements (PLANE182),


Bi-axial specimen

A cleverly designed specimen for bi-axial fatigue testing subjected to a variety of bi-axial loads.


Welded structure

The example shows how to use the tools on the Hotspot tab to investigate the welded hot-spots by extrapolation.


Wind turbine hub

A wind turbine hub subjected to realistic simulated wind loads.


Moving load

A welded component subjected to a moving load.



Bolted joint

This example shows how to run a bilinear analysis and include mean stresses from bolt pretension.


Custom CSV format examples

Simple 2D notch