Fatigue Data

This page provides various fatigue data for free use in all applications. The data comes from my own investigations and collections of published data.

CT scans of additive manufactured aluminum

This download contains the raw CT scans associated with the paper Estimation of fatigue strength of printed AlSi10Mg from CT scans (to be published at the ESIAM19 conference, september 2019).


Collection of multiaxial fatigue data for welded joints

The database from my paper Multiaxial fatigue assessment of welded joints using the notch stress approach including fatigue data in Excel and CAD parts for all the specimens.


Collection of as-welded and post weld treated specimens

This is the database behind my two papers on evaluating the notch stress approach for as-welded and post-weld treated welded joints.


One thought on “Fatigue Data

  1. Valdir Mendes Cardoso

    Dear Pedersen,
    very nice material, thanks for let this public, this will help me a lot on my study developing a good procedure for fatigue evaluation on weld structures. Later if I have something good i will share too.



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