A number of example Fatlab examples are provided here. Each example contains the necessary input files for setting up a Fatlab run. The purpose of the examples is to serve as a starting point for new users to have something to build their own analyses on.

Please note that the ANSYS export macro included in each example is not necessarily updated. ANSYS keeps changing small details in the export format, which makes it necessary to adapt the macro for each new version of ANSYS. The guidance provided here will always be updated though.

Plate with hole

The favorite academic example of all time: a 100×100 mm plate with a nice hole in the center.


2D notch

A simple example, just to show a model of 2D plane elements (PLANE182),


Bi-axial specimen

A cleverly designed specimen for bi-axial fatigue testing subjected to a variety of bi-axial loads.

Welded structure

The example shows how to use the tools on the Hotspot tab to investigate the welded hot-spots by extrapolation.


Wind turbine hub

A wind turbine hub subjected to realistic simulated wind loads.


Moving load

A welded component subjected to a moving load.


Bolted joint

This example shows how to run a bilinear analysis and include mean stresses from bolt pretension.


Anisotropic material (additive manufacturing)

Scaling the fatigue strength according to the angle relative to the build platform for additive manufactured components. Also shows how to use the custom .csv input format.