To do

Future ideas for Fatlab

  • Make faster version of eig() for 3×3 matrices only.
  • Analysis of block/spectrum loading instead of time-series only.
  • Low cycle fatigue analysis using the ε-N approach.
  • Calculate probability of failure for each node.
  • Use optimization techniques to determine the direction of the critical plane.
  • Calculate the stress gradient or the highly stressed volume below selected hot-spot node.
  • S-N curve generator (establish synthetic S-N curve or guided selection from code):
    • IIW recommendations
    • Eurocode 3: Part 1-9 Fatigue
    • DNV-GL RP-0005
    • Gudehus & Zenner
    • Norton: Machine Design
    • FKM guideline
    • etc…
  • Additional shear stress amplitude calculation techniques for critical plane analysis, e.g. minimum circumscribed circle, maximum rectangular hull, etc.
  • Non-linear damage accumulation techniques, see e.g. Fatemi & Yang.
  • Resolve stresses on surface, assuming plane stress.
  • View nodal results in table format before exporting.
  • Show stress cycles in Haigh diagram.
  • Include midside nodes from FE results (optional).
  • Include ULS check + Neuber rule for local yielding.
  • Speed-up possibility: De-select nodes from calculation based on unit LC stress value, e.g. <0.5*max.
  • Simplify GUI: only one LC selector, stress selector and time slider.
  • Include link to FADOFF database with fatigue test results.
  • Batch mode: run from text files without the GUI.
  • Support for additional FE programs, incl. open source programs as CalculiX, Elmer or Code_Aster.
  • Importing loads files in txt or csv format.
  • Parallelization of the calculations.
  • Verification studies…

6 thoughts on “To do

  1. Tim Gowing

    Thank you for providing this fatigue calculation resource.
    I very much appreciate the open source nature of your project; would you consider developing a version that doesn’t require MatLab? I’m thinking of the possibility of using Octave instead of MatLab; I imagine that the calculation aspect would be less of a concern than the GUI creation.
    Kind regards,
    Tim Gowing

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tim

      Thanks for posting. I will not be porting the program any time soon. I don’t have the time, nor the skills with other programming languages. But anyone looking for a challenge should be much welcome and I will gladly support the effort.

      BR Mikkel

  2. Luca Rigatelli

    Hi Mikkel
    Congratulations for your great tool.
    I’ve a question for you; there is the possibility to use different FAT curves for different parts of a model?
    if not, will be a future update?
    Best regards
    R. Luca

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Luca

      It is currently not possible. You can use different SN curves / FAT classes in the hotspot tab, but not in the main window. I have thought of implementing something like that, but it won’t be done any time soon:)

      BR Mikkel

  3. Vuk Blagojevic

    Hello, I was wondering if you can write a small file on how to start using this from beginning? What needs to be installed. Thank you very much in advance.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Vuk

      Sorry for the late answer. It should all be here on this site, but I admit that it may be difficult to get started. Once I have some time, I will make a “getting started” page.

      BR Mikkel


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