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  1. Andreas Dutzler

    Dear Mr. Pedersen,

    I would like to thank you for this great piece of software! As i would like to modify the critical plane method to my needs (academic research), could you tell me in which function the in-plane stresses are calculated? Because i couldn’t find it.

    Fatlab is such a great Tool, I’ve already extended the mean stress sensitivity formulation to my needs. Thanks to well structured plain matlab-code, this was super easy! (Of course, it took me quite a while to understand some parts of the source code, even though it’s very well structured 🙂 )

    Keep on your good work!

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Mikkel Melters Pedersen

      Hi Andreas

      Thank you for your interest in the program. The stress in/on the search planes used in the critical plane approach is calculated in the function stress_on_plane(). This function is part of calc_fatigue_stress_mex(), i.e. a compiled function, called in calc_stress.m.

      In calc_stress.m, you can delete the _mex ending on calc_fatigue_stress_mex(), then the program will use the non-compiled version, i.e. calc_fatigue_stress() and then you can make your changes herein.

      Good luck,
      BR Mikkel


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