To do

Future ideas for Fatlab

  • Make faster version of eig() for 3×3 matrices only.
  • Analysis of block/spectrum loading instead of time-series only.
  • Low cycle fatigue analysis using the ε-N approach.
  • Calculate probability of failure for each node.
  • Use optimization techniques to determine the direction of the critical plane.
  • Calculate the stress gradient or the highly stressed volume below selected hot-spot node.
  • S-N curve generator (establish synthetic S-N curve or guided selection from code):
    • IIW recommendations
    • Eurocode 3: Part 1-9 Fatigue
    • DNV-GL RP-0005
    • Gudehus & Zenner
    • Norton: Machine Design
    • FKM guideline
    • etc…
  • Additional shear stress amplitude calculation techniques for critical plane analysis, e.g. minimum circumscribed circle, maximum rectangular hull, etc.
  • Non-linear damage accumulation techniques, see e.g. Fatemi & Yang.
  • Resolve stresses on surface, assuming plane stress.
  • View nodal results in table format before exporting.
  • Show stress cycles in Haigh diagram.
  • Include midside nodes from FE results (optional).
  • Include ULS check + Neuber rule for local yielding.
  • Speed-up possibility: De-select nodes from calculation based on unit LC stress value, e.g. <0.5*max.
  • Simplify GUI: only one LC selector, stress selector and time slider.
  • Include link to FADOFF database with fatigue test results.
  • Batch mode: run from text files without the GUI.
  • Support for additional FE programs, incl. open source programs as CalculiX, Elmer or Code_Aster.
  • Importing loads files in txt or csv format.
  • Parallelization of the calculations.
  • Verification studies…

4 thoughts on “To do

  1. Tim Gowing

    Thank you for providing this fatigue calculation resource.
    I very much appreciate the open source nature of your project; would you consider developing a version that doesn’t require MatLab? I’m thinking of the possibility of using Octave instead of MatLab; I imagine that the calculation aspect would be less of a concern than the GUI creation.
    Kind regards,
    Tim Gowing

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tim

      Thanks for posting. I will not be porting the program any time soon. I don’t have the time, nor the skills with other programming languages. But anyone looking for a challenge should be much welcome and I will gladly support the effort.

      BR Mikkel

  2. Luca Rigatelli

    Hi Mikkel
    Congratulations for your great tool.
    I’ve a question for you; there is the possibility to use different FAT curves for different parts of a model?
    if not, will be a future update?
    Best regards
    R. Luca

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Luca

      It is currently not possible. You can use different SN curves / FAT classes in the hotspot tab, but not in the main window. I have thought of implementing something like that, but it won’t be done any time soon:)

      BR Mikkel


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